"The Hunt For Red October" is from 1990??? Like over 30 years ago? I'm so old

Spent way too long trying to figure out why a Nextcloud cron was coming up with an error before realising the error was from a different server to the one I was looking at.

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I'm gonna keep posting this until one of you fucking boosts it

2nd jab done. Place was quite a bit busier this morning compared to 9:30 at night when I got my first one

My rail trail bike trip has had more dates than I have. Now rebooked on to my 4th departure (mid November, originally booked for this weekend). Stupid COVID.

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Doctors treating unvaccinated Covid patients are succumbing to compassion fatigue - theguardian.com/us-news/2021/s "Moral injury occurs when the nurse or doctor feels that, ‘The patients I’ve dedicated my life to treating are now here because of their own negligence' "

First jab done. Was sitting waiting in the 15min check afterwards room 6mins before my appointment time. Efficient and friendly

Should be on the west coast watching TheatreFest, stupid COVID :-(

Bugger. Worked out a simple query to do the logging I want, but it needs ON CONFLICT which Postgresql has had since 9.5. Server is running 9.4.

(Query is so I can find everything that is using the server so I know what to move to the replacement)

Do scammers even check their phishing sites these days? "<?php echo date("d m Y", strtotime("-1 day"))?>" probably isn't supposed to be returned to the client :-)

So back into biking after my little Andrew vs tar seal incident followed by weekends of theatre for bike ride 11 and what do I do? Why bike out to Kaiapoi and back of course, ~50km round trip. Stupid Andrew. I don't know what hurts the most, hands, wrists, legs, shoulders, back, arms, neck, arse. I pushed through though, can't call dad for a lift when on the rail trail. Only 5 weekends available for biking after this weekend before my Otago Rail Trail bike trip with Intrepid

The problem with reading an interesting book before going to sleep is that it is so damn hard to stop reading said book. Last night I had 15mins to read before going off to sleep, 2 hours later I finally managed to put the book* down!

Finally got the sensors on my parcel drop box hooked up. Just a little bit of software to go for status display. Seems a bit weird using a dual core 240MHz micro controller with 520kB of RAM to publish the status of 3 reed switches to MQTT.

Interesting. Brand new NAS with 3 brand new 16TB hard drives (all the same model). Started bad blocks tests on them last night. Drive 1 at 8:33:41, drive 2 at 8:34:14, and drive 3 at 8:34:25. Drive 3 has just finished, the other two drives are at 88/89%

Been at work for 505 minutes. 35 minutes to go. About 300 minutes until I get home

Got dad under the house running ethernet cable for my parcel drop box :-)

After having a Freetronics EtherTen with a Security Sensor Shield in the garage since January 2017 today we finally connected up some reed switches on the doors to it. Now to set up the alerts when the house is in Night mode/state.

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