The Macintosh is named after a type of apple??

Quite enjoying using PlatformIO to write stuff for ESP32 microcontrollers.

I could get used to this not working thing :-). Going back to work at work next week is going to be a huge change.

I'm on holiday this week and last week and before that I'd been working from home since January

I found the flash drive!

I was tidying up another bedside cabinet to setup an alternative since I hadn't found the drive and there it was.

Must have found over a dozen flash drives, but not the one I'm looking for :-(

Wow. If the first episode is anything to go by I'm going to really enjoy Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

These are just way way too yummy. Do not buy if you have limited self control

I've watched 3 movies today. Ghostbusters: Afterlife, No Time to Die, and Sing 2. Ghostbusters seemed a bit cut short, No Time to Die (Bond) was a bit confusing, and Sing 2 had an awesome sound track

Pretty impressive set in the show in Sing 2

Adding the books I've read to Good Reads. So far this year I've read at least a dozen books.

Cool. Just got a phone call on my cellphone and it came up with a big red Potential Fraud warning. And yep, scam call.

I went to bed just after 10pm last night and continued reading the book I started a few nights ago. 5 and a half hours later I'd finished it. Oops

I've been to Victoria Park twice in the last 24 hours. Once yesterday to take dad his spare car keys after he got back to his car after his walk minus his keys. And again this morning to look for his keys after the Tile tracker reported they were still up there. Someone had found them and left them on a post.

My memories on Facebook for today are Travel, Travel, Travel, Travel, Travel, Cat, Travel, Earthquake, Movies/Recordings, Recordings

All of NZ moves back down to Orange tonight??? What the frack????

Anybody got a working Scream (2022) Bluray? I'm on to my second one that just doesn't read in any device I put it in. Also received Ghostbusters: Afterlife (2021) today and it doesn't read either. No errors, just unable to read.

Star Trek Discover season 4 is on TVNZ Ondemand??? Well there's my weekend gone.

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